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PCR Techniques

    The Molecular Laboratory centralizes on Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR)-based technology which involves synthesizing multiple copies of gene. This revolutionary technology with other molecular techniques is applied in almost every field in medicine particularly in genetic and infectious diseases, oncology, hematology and organ transplantation.

    The laboratory is doing Class I and Class II typing to test for histocompatibility between transplant recipients and donors. This test is routinely done to support the institute‚Äôs organ transplant program. In addition to this, the Molecular Laboratory provides molecular assays for pretreatment evaluation, clinical staging and monitoring of anti-viral therapy for patients infected with Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, CMV, and BK infections. The section has also established rapid identification test for Mycobacterium tuberculosis. For years of doing PCR assays, the lab has expanded its uses and now has started to use the technology for hematology and oncology application, such tests are JAK2 mutation and BCR-ABL quantitative assays.

    This laboratory section has been doing PCR techniques since 1994. Medical specialists have gained their expertise in understanding and applying the technology to provide accurate and precise results. Since then, the lab was known the broadest experience in the clinical diagnostics and will continue to widen and improve the services and performances for the benefit of the clinicians and their patients.

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