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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection

    The quality of test results depends greatly on pre-analytical variables, namely, correct patient preparation and identification, specimen collection, packaging and transportation.

    To ensure high quality testing, the NKTI Medical Laboratory has set specific guidelines for the proper collection and handling of specimens.

Handling and Transport

Generally, specimens for testing must be sent to the laboratory for processing as promptly as possible for reliable results to be achieved. All specimens must be stored and transported at the temperature indicated in the Test directory to maintain the integrity of the specimen during transport.

All specimens must be properly labelled.

    The following information must be legibly indicated on a label affixed to the specimen container:

  • Patients full name (including middle name)
  • Date and time when specimen was obtained
  • Specimen source
  • Signature/ initials of collector
  • The label should be affixed directly to the specimen container and not the bag
  • Place the labelled specimen in the provided leakproof sealed plastic
  • Place the matching requisition in the outside pouch of the bag

Note: The date, time and initials of the collector must be indicated after specimen collection. This is the single most important factor in preventing errors in specimen identification.

Request Forms
All tests required by a physician must be written. Forms are available at the Laboratory Reception Hall. Follow collection instructions for each test requested as indicated in the Test Directory.

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